Customer LAN Applications 
Primary business purpose for this    
location. (e.g.. HQ, Sales,    
Manufacturing, etc.)    
Number of employees in this location    
# of users with WAN requirements    
Number of COE users? Is this site an exchange email hub?Is this site an internet gateway?Is this site an internet hub?
Data applications requiring WAN support  
 InternetE-Mail SAP  ISP Other
Phone  VoiceCall CenterACD Other
 Video ConferencingDesk
  Yes No
 RAS Windows Terminal Server  SOHO
Enter other details
Enter other details
Voice services supported at this location
Video services supported at this location    
Enter other details
Location host a major Data Center    
                                        Describe if Yes    
Remote access services for outside users    
                                         Users in country :    
                                 Users outside country:  
       Ethernet Token Ring 4Mb  FDDI 10BaseT / UTP 100BaseT / UTP 10Base2 / Thinnet Token Ring 16Mb  ATM Number of Rings  Yes No
Protocols needs to be supported    
Type of Lan installed     
Is a Wi-Fi Wireless Lan installed     
                                                   Comments :    
     Yes No
Is a WiMAX Wireless Lan installed     
                                                   Comments :    
How many ports are available in Hub/Switch    Yes No Yes No
Can the customer provide an AUI Transc.    
Does this site have Server/Host shared    
                                         Which Type    
                                         Which protocol    
                                         Wich Application    
                                         Wich Remote Site    Yes No
Router(s) installed at each Site    
                                 Model & Serial Number:    
                                 Model & Serial Number:    
                                 Model & Serial Number:    
                                 Model & Serial Number:    
What are IP addresses of WAN connections    
What are IP addresses of LAN connections