WAN Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Inventory
 Active/On-line Equipment (PBX Excluded)
Vendor Model  Software Chassis Config Type Serial # Node Protocol NMS Connection AC Power Current  Current Asset # Asset
  and Rel. Fixed, SSS, MSS   Name WAN/DTE Inband/Outband (VAC/HZ) Asset Equipment    Acquisition
  Part # (IOS) and Chassis (ID)   Telephone# or Owner Maintenance    Date
      Position-Card Card(s)       DC Power or Provider   (Estimated)
      Shelf/Slot/Front or . *     (VDC) Lease    
      Rear .       Redundant Holder    
        .       or        
     Note: Chassis Configuration: SSS = Single Shelf Slotted, MSS = Multiple shelf slotted. Please specify shelf and slot (front and/or rear) position for all system cards presently inserted.
 *   Note: Please attach configuration file printout referenced to this ID.  
     Note: Please note that if provided date is an estimate, it must be denoted in ( ).