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The fundamental difference between a hub and a switch is that all Computers and / or peripherals (nodes) connected to a hub share the bandwidth among themselves while Computers and / or peripherals (nodes) connected to a switch port have the full bandwidth all to themselves.

The Hubs provide an easy way to scale up and shorten the distance that the packets have to travel to get from one node to another but they do not break up the actual network into discrete segments. That is where switches come in.

A typical network consists of computers (nodes), a connectivity spectrum of wired or wireless solutions and specialized network equipment like switches and routers. All these pieces working together allow your computer to send information to another computer.

Switches are a fundamental part of most networks by allowing several users to send information over a network at the same time without slowing each other down. Switches allow different computers of peripherals (nodes) of a network to communicate directly with each other in a smooth and efficient manner. Today's switches have the potential to radically change the way the computers and /or peripherals (nodes) can communicate with each other. Many companies have grown in size and complexity over time and their networks will grow with them. One of new challenging networking solution for us is to provide: more network security and more bandwidth to our customers. That is why we turned to Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for all solutions we provide to our customers. A VLAN is a collection of Computers and / or peripherals (nodes) that are grouped together in a single broadcast domain

VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks)
Give us the possibility to provide solutions which will have multiple broadcast domains over the network and will increase security & bandwidth for our customers. The VLANs can communicate with each other using the router.A LAN is a collection of Computers and / or peripherals (nodes) that are grouped together in a single broadcast domain.

A broadcast domain is a network (or portion of a network) that will receive broadcast packet or packets from any other node located within that network. A switch that was configured for VLANs has multiple broadcast domains; but, you still need a router to route packets of information's from one VLAN to another; the switches can't do this by themselves.

In today's market SANTEC Communications challenge is to provide reliable and scalable Networking Solutions to our customers.
We understand that our customers will have to rely more and more on Internet Broadcasting in order to be able to reach people anywhere in the world with voice, data and video applications. This broad new spectrum of platforms and applications will make content delivery via the Internet a challenging proposition for us.

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Local Area Network

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