Whether you need an

emergency service call or a complex service request for a network project, We can help!

Our staff is comprised of

certified engineers, technicians and financial experts giving you the confidence that your situation is being handled as efficiently as possible.

SANTEC Communications offers: Packaged Services

design to help Small - to - Medium Sized Business to improve their network performance, to extend the life of their investment and significantly lower the total cost of ownership.


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SANTEC Communications is committed to maximizing the return on your network investment with high quality Services that help to ensure that your network operates efficiently and benefit from the most up-to-date technological upgrades.



Network Design Engineering (DE)

Network Implementation (IE)

Project Management (PM)

Site Survey Services (SS)

Staging & Pre - Configuration Services

Field Installation & Configuration Services

Life Cycle Engineering Services

On-Site Service & Maintenance (S&M)

Project Financials (PF)

We provide extensive logistic services

to Enterprises and to SMB customers as part of our global logistics program extended in over 100 countries all over the world

Logistics Management

Project Planning

Project Docs

Project Inventory

Rack & Stack


Global Logistics

Free Domicile Shipping

Freight Services

SANTEC Communications focuses on how to best utilize what you currently have and also recommends new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals
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