SANTEC Communications
offers full support

for all of Products and Services provided to its customers including Wireless Network Solutions,Remote Access
Solutions, Virtual Private Networks Solutions (VPN), Branch Office Solutions, Video and Network Security Solutions as well as VSAT and Network Cabling Solutions.

SANTEC Communications Interconnecting the World
can provide the right network solutions for you business and integrate it with your current environment. There's no need to develop multiple stand-alone systems.
Engineering Services of SANTEC Communications covers all phases of the growth cycle of a customer's Data, Voice and Video systems including planning, design, implementation, life-cycle and optimization. We can begin to service our customers anywhere along the development cycle.

SANTEC Communications Interconnecting the World
services its customers worldwide by having the technical & logistical capability to provide Products, Services & Support around the world.

SANTEC Communications provides solutions to build Multi-Service Network Platforms based on IP/MPLS - enabled that are capable to deliver predictable levels of performance across multiple domain boundaries in order to support data, video and voice traffic including high quality services across global networks.

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Project Financial Services*

SANTEC Communications provides optional Project Leasing and Financial Programs & Services that enable our customers to implement new network-telecom solutions quickly and efficiently.

SANTEC Communications - Project Financial Programs & Services* are provided in
partnertship with , a member of .

Our Project Financial Programs & Services* provide the Financial Resources for transactions from $15,000 to $250,000 and the Financial Tools designed to expedite credit applications, credit approvals, project financing documentation and funding.

Financial Programs:

101 - The One Dollar Purchase Lease Program lets customers combine some of the benefits of leasing with those of ownership. The advantage of this leasing arrangement is that customers have the opportunity to own the equipment at the end of the lease for one dollar. Available in the United States only, the One Dollar Purchase Lease Program offers flexible term, 12 to 60 months, with the option to purchase the equipment at lease end for one dollar.

201 - Fair Market Value (FMV) Leasing Program is a flexible leasing solution which allows customers to finance their network equipment, manage cash flow, and position their company to take advantage of future changes and advancements in networking technology. The Fair Market Value Lease Program is available for Small & Medium Size (SMB) Businesses in the United States. It offers various lease terms (from 12-60 months) with flexible options at lease end.

301 - The Technology Migration Lease Program provides customers the flexibility to take advantage of the latest technologies without making large cash expenditures. Available only to qualifying SANTEC Communications customers, the Technology Migration Lease is a fair market value (FMV) lease that includes a unique upgrade option allowing customers to return leased equipment before the lease term expires, and offers generous exchange terms.

401 - Packaged Services Lease Program offers flexible lease and financing options for Installations, Maintenance and Life Cycle Engineering Services. Customers can chose to bundle Installations, Maintenance and/or LCE services into one easy, monthly payment. Available for customers in the United States only, this Leasing Program offers lease terms form 36 months to 60 months.

501 - Wireless Packaged Services Lease Program provides our customers the advantage and flexibility of the latest in wireless technologies. Wireless Packaged Services Leasing Program is optional and includes unique Technology Migration Financial Solutions to upgrade form Wired LAN to Wireless LAN. This Leasing Program offers lease terms form 36 months to 60 months and it is available only to qualifying SANTEC Communications customers in the United States.

New Customers:

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4. If you would like to order by Credit Card you must complete Credit Application and fax it to us.

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* Please see Packaged Services"

SANTEC Communications focuses on how to best utilize what you currently have and also recommends new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals  
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