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SANTEC Communications
provides solutions to build Multi-Service Network Platforms based on IP/MPLS - enabled that are capable to deliver predictable levels of performance across multiple domain boundaries in order to support data, video and voice traffic including high quality services across global networks.

Whether you need an

emergency service call or a complex service request for a network project, We can help!

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certified engineers, technicians and financial experts giving you the confidence that your situation is being handled as efficiently as possible.

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SANTEC Communications offers: Packaged Services

design to help Small - to - Medium Sized Business to improve their network performance, to extend the life of their investment and significantly lower the total cost of ownership.

We provide extensive
logistic services

to Enterprises and to SMB customers as part of our global logistics program extended in over 100 countries all over the world.

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Internet Corporate Connection
Remote Broadband Access
WEB Hosting
WEB Based Directory Services
WEB Service Management
E-mail Hosting
Data Transfer
Global Data Link
Audio Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Translation Services
Standard Premise Equipment
Customs Premise Equipment
Network Security / Managed
Network Traffic Reporting and Traffic Monitor
Managed Dedicated IP Service
Private IP Service
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Network Design Engineering (DE)
Network Implementation (IE)
Project Management (PM)
Site Survey Services (SS)
Staging & Pre - Configuration Services (SCS)
Field Installation & Configuration Services (FIC)
Life Cycle Engineering Services (LCE)
On-Site Service & Maintenance (S&M)
Project Financials (PF)
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Wireless / Mobility Network Solutions
Wired Network Solutions
Communications Components
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Logistics Management
Project Planning
Project Documentation
Project Inventory
Rack & Stack
Global Logistics
Free Domicile Shipping
Freight Services
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