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SANTEC Communications
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carries products and accessories from over 200 leading software and hardware comp-anies and offers extensive network solutions including per- and post- sale technical support.

SANTEC Communications
Interconnecting the World

can provide
comprehensive support maintenance packages for your server (s) in partnership with the server's manufacturer including rapid-response coverage around the clock to suit your needs and budget and to complement your capabilities with our expertise.

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A Server is a microprocessor - based machine designed to run one or more software application programs to carries out tasks on behalf of users. The Servers can usually be divided into:
File servers type which allowing users to store and access files on a common desktop or laptop computer. Application servers type on where the software program runs to carry out tasks on behalf of users. When you are using the internet you are actually accessing deferent type of servers like: Mail servers, Database servers, WEB Servers, FTP Servers, Image Servers, Log Servers, etc.

A Server shares its resources, such as peripherals, storage files and software programs with the users' computers clients on the network. Medium to large enterprises employ numerous servers (server farm) to support multiple tasks simultaneously on behalf of multiple users.

If you need to put a computer system in place that processes, shares and manages data, you'll need a server.

One of the important benefits of servers is that you can customize their configurations to meet your very specific needs, so you can concentrate financial resources in areas where you need them most.

The questions are:
How much server you need to buy, what kind of server configuration you need and how much it will cost you in the end.
The most important thing you can do to ensure that your server meets your needs and fits your budget is to have a good understanding of exactly what you want to use your server for. This is an activity that requires an investigation on your part.

With your information's about your specific needs SANTEC Communications will ultimately answer the fundamental questions:
“How much sever you are going to need” and
"What kind of sever is suitable for you applications".

I  n  t  e  r  c  o  n  n  e  c  t  i  n  g   t  h  e   W  o  r  l  d

SANTEC Communications
provides support for the following Small Office - Home Office (SOHO) Solutions:

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In order to take a full advantage of all of the benefits offered by SANTEC Communications Packaged Support Services, it is very important to begin your Maintenance Contract's) coverage on the day you purchase your Products & Services from us. This will enable you to gain immediate access to your comprehensive Service Packages, to extend the life of your investment and to improve your network performance.

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