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provides to Enterprises reliable Value-Added better services to there customers. We are partnered with the most trusted names in the industry, in order to bring you timely, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

SANTEC Communications
offers full support

for all of Products and Services provided to its customers including Wireless Network Solutions,Remote Access
Solutions, Virtual Private Networks Solutions (VPN), Branch Office Solutions, Video and Network Security Solutions as well as VSAT and Network Cabling Solutions.

Network Professional's
Connection On-line
This is the gathering place for Enterprise Networking Professionals to share questions, suggestions and information about networking solutions, products, and technologies.

SANTEC Communications
Interconnecting the World

It is very important to protect your VoIP Internet Connection's during power outages by using backup battery powered devices (UPS) provided by SANTEC Communications as part of Packaged Services.

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In today's market the most important challenge for SANTEC Communications is to provide: reliable, scalable, flexible, secure and easy to maintain - Networking Solutions to our customers.

INTERNET Solutions *

Whether your company is a Large Enterprise, a Small to Medium Size Business or a Residential Office, SANTEC Communications can provide scalable internet solution designed to meet low, medium, and/or high-end bandwidth network requirements. Internet Solution's Systems provided by SANTEC Communications are planed for both the short and long term business objectives and includes:

1. Choosing the Right Internet Solution for Your Business.
2. Choosing the Right ISP.
3. Choosing the Right Bandwidth for Your Business Needs.
4. Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Network.
5. Choosing Your Intranet Optimum Design.
6. Providing the Right Network Security for Your Business.
7. Providing Remote Access with Internet-Based Solutions.
8. Providing Financial Cost of Network Ownership for short and long      term business prospective.

Our Internet Solutions use the latest technologies in order to integrate and improve Business Processes. Internet Solution's Systems provided by SANTEC Communications incorporate Web-based tools and services designed to reduce administrative costs, to increase productivity and to easily deploy and expand business and facilities without substantial delays and expense. These Web-based tools and services enable companies of all sizes to improve their business efficiency than ever before.


Network Security Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications are design to prevent and protect your business from intruders who are trying to enter and spread into your network as well as into your mobile users and company critical systems.
Without proper network security your network can be susceptible to attack from unwanted intruders and hackers, Viruses, Trojans, and Worms. Network attacks can produce severe service disruption, breaches in confidentiality and communications integrity.
VoIP Communications system - any part of your network - faces the same security risks as traditional voice systems and also can be susceptible to attack from an unauthorized source. Being installed on the same network, VoIP systems are facing the same level of vulnerabilities as data networks because they are using the same standards and protocols.
Enhanced functionality of our Network Security Solutions offers more protection against unwanted network intruders and hackers, as well as against Viruses, Trojans, and Worms.
By using multiple security technologies which are interacting with one another our Network Security Solutions ensure a coordinated response and at the same time enable advanced client security policy management. By expanding threat detection our Network Security Solutions prevents client systems from being used for malicious outbound activities.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications is alternative WAN (Wide Area Network) infrastructure used to connect mobile and remote clients, branch offices, home offices, or business partners to all or portions of your company's network.
Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solutions do not change your WAN requirements.
Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solutions ensure that mobile and remote clients, branch offices, home offices, or business partners are connected to your corporate network via VPN and are compliant with the company's security policies.
Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solutions ensure that mobile and remote clients, branch offices, home offices, or business partner's firewalls are non-intrusive into your corporate network.


Remote Access Connectivity Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications can be established either from an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - capable Web Browser or from IP Security (IPSec) VPN (Virtual Private Network) client software, allowing maximum flexibility and application access.
Our Remote Access Connectivity Solutions provide centralized network architecture for ease network management and implementation.

* Please see Packaged Services


SANTEC Communications
Interconnecting the World

SANTEC Communications
provides to home-office workers and families the ability to have efficient speed over the Internet, via broadband connections, to access, files, devices such as printers, scanners, video cameras, VoIP telephony systems, home security systems, etc.

SOHO Network Solutions

Residential Gateway is evolving into a single device capable of handling: residential security, home network security and high-speed Internet connections.
Residential Gateway enables consumers to benefit from their new functionality for home networking as a complete package for voice, data, security and entertainment devices.
Home networks can help consumers not only connect to Web-based tools and services, but also help them stay connected to friends, family, coworkers, and virtually anyone in the world.
The demand for high-speed Internet access in the home is growing fast and requires a new residential networking strategy. This new residential networking strategy is evolving as a high-quality, secure, multiple-line home network and opens the possibility for new types of applications for Residential Networks such as video telephony and videoconferencing.

Home computers are the most exposed to the threats from Viruses, Worms, Spyware and Hackers.

There are four steps you can take to improve your computer's security:

1. Get your Computer software and /or hardware Updates.

2. Use an Internet Firewall.

3. Use a good and up-to-date Anti-Virus Software:

4. Use a good and up-to-date Anti-Spyware Software:

SANTEC Communications focuses on how to best utilize what you currently have and also recommends new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals  
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