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provides to Enterprises reliable Value-Added better services to there customers. We are partnered with the most trusted names in the industry, in order to bring you timely, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

SANTEC Communications
offers full support

for all of Products and Services provided to its customers including Wireless Network Solutions,Remote Access
Solutions, Virtual Private Networks Solutions (VPN), Branch Office Solutions, Video and Network Security Solutions as well as VSAT and Network Cabling Solutions.

SANTEC Communications Interconnecting the World
can provide the right network solutions for you business and integrate it with your current environment. There's no need to develop multiple stand-alone systems.
Engineering Services of SANTEC Communications covers all phases of the growth cycle of a customer's Data, Voice and Video systems including planning, design, implementation, life-cycle and optimization. We can begin to service our customers anywhere along the development cycle.

It is very important to protect your VoIP Internet Connection's during power outages by using backup battery powered devices (UPS) provided by SANTEC Communications as part of Packaged Services.

In order to take a full advantage of all of the benefits offered by
SANTEC Communications Packaged Services. It is very important to begin your Maintenance Contract's coverage on the day you purchase your Products & Services from us. This will enable you to gain immediate access to your comprehensive Service Packages, to extend the life of your investment and to improve your network performance.

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In today's market the most important challenge for SANTEC Communications is to provide: reliable, scalable, flexible, secure and easy to maintain - Networking Solutions to our customers.

WIRELESS / MOBILITY Network Solutions *

Wireless / Mobility Network Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications are tailored to integrate wireless networks at the lowest possible total cost of ownership and offers the most innovative and comprehensive suite of WLAN solutions in the industry.

Wireless / Mobility Network Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications include:

1. WLAN Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to secure Wireless Networks from malicious and/or unauthorized access.
WLAN Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects and suppresses rogue access points, detects unassociated clients, detects ad-hoc networks and mitigates network attacks.
WLAN Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is deployable as either an integrated or dedicated solution.

2. Secure, manageable, and reliable wireless connectivity with exceptional range, performance and interoperability as well as integrated radio frequency (RF) management. The advanced radio frequency (RF) management features simplify the everyday operation of WLAN's, enhance network security, maximize network availability and reduce the deployment and operating expenses.

3. Radio Management Aggregation reduces the bandwidth required for radio management information transmitted across the network and WAN link to remote sites and campus locations.

4. Automatic Network Intrusion Detection.

5. Integrated and centralized wired and wireless security systems with intelligent features applied on a per mobility group basis.

6. Client device response time monitoring.

7. IEEE 802.11i Advanced Encryption Support for IEEE 802.11i /WPA2 and AES encryption.

8. Onsite site survey - to provide all necessary information needed to ensure that proposed network is properly designed, optimized, that includes the most advances network security solutions, addresses and managed customer's special applications and improves bandwidth performance and traffic flow of the network.

Wireless / Mobility Network Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications can be integrated into existing wired networks and support multiple users located in a central location and remote sites spread over great distances. Our Wireless / Mobility Network Solutions support enterprise-class mobile applications across many locations with excellent network security, mobility, and control, while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership.
Our Wireless / Mobility Network Solutions provide a secure roaming solution that enables a client to roam between access points in the same subnet (Layer 2 roaming) or between subnets (Layer 3 roaming) to support time-sensitive applications. The secure roaming solution supports latency-sensitive applications such as wireless voice over IP (VoIP), video streaming, video on demand, VPN over wireless, and client/server-based applications without dropping connections during roaming.


All Routing and Switching Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications take into consideration the following:

a. The cost-saving of the core infrastructure.

b. The key technologies required by these solutions.

c. The integration of wireless networks over the existing wired networks.

All Routing and Switching Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications are designed to increase your business productivity and efficiency by integrating you business applications like: Web-based transaction processing, Supply Management, Remote Access, Data, Voice, Video, VPN, Wireless and others.


IP Communications Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications enable total integration of data, voice, video, web-based applications, e-business and wireless traffic into an unified network, build on an open architecture with unlimited communications options, without compromising existing network activities. Our open architecture solutions offer interoperability and flexibility with a wide range of software solutions for future expansion and upgrades. Our Solutions reduce the cost of your investment and provide optimal network availability and security, being design to interoperate with TDM-based (Time-Division Multiplexing) systems and applications of your existing network technologies. Our IP Communications Solutions include a planed migration program from a TDM-based to an IP-based network and are less expensive to be deploy and maintain, ultimately lowering the cost of ownership.
SANTEC Communications provides End-to-End migrations processes to ensure a smooth transition from TDM-based technologies to IP-based systems. Once the benefits of the IP-based network start to emerge we will be ready to implement a total migration plan designed in advance for your network.
SANTEC Communications, together with our Business Partners, provides a full range of IP Communications Solutions and Services for Enterprises, Small to Medium Businesses and Residential Offices (SOHO).


Today's Data-Networks have become increasingly complex and the requirements for new Data-Network applications and services are growing fast. As companies and residential Data-Networks grow the diversity of protocols, LAN media and WAN services increase dramatically. Today's solutions for communication’s applications must be open and flexible as they merge data communications networks with voice, video, and wireless infrastructures.
Today's SANTEC Communications Solutions are design for Small - to - Medium Sized Business and Residential Offices specifically to expend their network's performance and security and to integrate increasingly complex data, voice, video and wireless traffic into their new - eficient IP Communications networks.

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SANTEC Communications
Interconnecting the World

SANTEC Communications
provides to home-office workers and families the ability to have efficient speed over the Internet, via broadband connections, to access, files, devices such as printers, scanners, video cameras, VoIP telephony systems, home security systems, etc.

Home computers are the most exposed to the threats from Viruses, Worms, Spyware and Hackers.

There are four steps you can take to improve your computer's security:

1. Get your Computer software and /or hardware Updates.

2. Use an Internet Firewall.

3. Use a good and up-to-date Anti-Virus Software:

4. Use a good and up-to-date Anti-Spyware Software:

Residential Gateway is evolving into a single device capable of handling: residential security, home network security and high-speed Internet connections.

Residential Gateway enables consumers to benefit from their new functionality for home networking as a complete package for voice, data, security and entertainment devices.

Home IP- based Networks can help consumers not only connect to Web-based tools and services, but also help them stay connected to friends, family, coworkers, and virtually anyone in the world.

IP Communications networks allow data, voice, video and web-based applications traffic to be routed over the Internet and Intranet. Today's communications solutions must be open and flexible as they merge data, voice, video, web-based applications, e-business and wireless infrastructures.

The demand for high-speed Internet access in the home is growing fast and requires a new residential networking strategy. This new residential networking strategy is evolving as a high-quality, secure, multiple-line home network and opens the possibility for new types of applications for Residential Networks such as video telephony and videoconferencing.

SANTEC Communications
Interconnecting the World
in partnership with MCI, Inc.
is a solution provider and value - added reseller of network product and services.

VoIP is digital and is offering features and services that are not available with a traditional phone systems

SANTEC Communications focuses on how to best utilize what you currently have and also recommends new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals  
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