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This is the gathering place for Enterprise Networking Professionals to share questions, suggestions and information about networking solutions, products, and technologies.

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In today's market SANTEC Communications challenge is to provide reliable and scalable networking Solutions to our customers.

We understand that our customers will have to rely more and more on Internet Broadcasting in order to be able to reach people anywhere in the world with voice, data and video applications. This broad new spectrum of platforms and applications will make content delivery via the Internet a challenging proposition for us.

Content Networking *


Content Networking is a strategic-intelligent infrastructure that customizes the delivery of streaming and dynamic content over a network in a reliable, scalable, and secure manner and provides highly intelligent content distribution for complex bandwidth-intensive content delivery.

Content Networking Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications maximize the availability, scalability, security and manageability of you business applications and offer the flexibility to accommodate new value-added content and services as they emerge.
Content Networking Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications reduce IT capital and operating expenditure as follows:

a. Reduce WAN Bandwidth Cost.
b. Reduce Infrastructure Cost.
c. Improve Application Performance.
d. Reduce Network Downtime.
e. Eliminate Application Latencies.
f. Reduce Network Administration Cost.
g. Distribute Content via SSL.
h. “Turn On” New Applications like Business Video.
i. Avoid or Postpone costly WAN Upgrades.
j. Reduce Traveling and Delivery Time.
k. Reduce Legal Liability/Exposure.
l. Improve Information Accuracy and Timeless.
m. Ensure Internal and External Customer Satisfaction.

Content Networking Solutions provided by SANTEC Communications integrate caching and content delivery services in a single system and support mission-critical intranet and extranet content acceleration and access control systems for delivering live, high-quality streaming to desktops, meeting rooms and classrooms.

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SANTEC Communications
provides support for the following Small Office - Home Office (SOHO) Solutions:

Cable Modem
Local Area Network

Residential Networking solutions powered by
SANTEC Communications

In order to take a full advantage of all of the benefits offered by
SANTEC Communications Packaged Support Services, it is very important to begin your Maintenance Contract's) coverage on the day you purchase your Products & Services from us. This will enable you to gain immediate access to your comprehensive Service Packages, to extend the life of your investment and to improve your network performance.

Home computers are the most exposed to the threats from Viruses, Worms, Spyware and Hackers.

There are four steps you can take to improve your computer's security:

1. Get your Computer software and /or hardware Updates.

2. Use an Internet Firewall.

3. Use a good and up-to-date Anti-Virus Software:

4. Use a good and up-to-date Anti-Spyware Software:

SANTEC Communications focuses on how to best utilize what you currently have and also recommends new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals
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