SANTEC Communications
offers full support

for all of Products and Services provided to its customers including Wireless Network Solutions,Remote Access
Solutions, Virtual Private Networks Solutions (VPN), Branch Office Solutions, Video and Network Security Solutions as well as VSAT and Network Cabling Solutions.

SANTEC Communications Interconnecting the World
can provide the right network solutions for you business and integrate it with your current environment. There's no need to develop multiple stand-alone systems.
Engineering Services of SANTEC Communications covers all phases of the growth cycle of a customer's Data, Voice and Video systems including planning, design, implementation, life-cycle and optimization. We can begin to service our customers anywhere along the development cycle.

SANTEC Communications Interconnecting the World
services its customers worldwide by having the technical & logistical capability to provide Products, Services & Support around the world.

SANTEC Communications provides solutions to build Multi-Service Network Platforms based on IP/MPLS - enabled that are capable to deliver predictable levels of performance across multiple domain boundaries in order to support data, video and voice traffic including high quality services across global networks.


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Products & Wide Surge Suppression for Enterprise
Data Centers and Facilities

Large Scale On-demand environmental 3 Phase UPS's, Power Conditioning / Distribution to protect Network-Critical Infrastructure from clusters and mainframes to telecommunication applications and Transfer Switches including entire facilities.

Fluid Cooled Enclosures & Battery Rack Systems
Centralized control systems for remote monitoring of your equipment.

Precision Power Conditioning Solutions
Fluid Cooled Systems to provide spot-cooling in large Telecommunication Facilities & Transfer Switches.

DC Power
Modular Solutions for DC-Powered Telecommunication Environments.

Custom-Built industrial Back-Up Power protection products for server's farms and datacenter.

Small to Medium UPS's and Surge Suppression
Protection for Small to Medium Business (SMB) critical equipment from a single PC to network servers and peripherals including Single Phase Network Protection, Accessories, and Surge Suppressors.

UPS Battery Replacement & Upgrades
Power Protection solution with comprehensive end to end Service and Support.

Monitoring Hardware & Software
Management tools allow centralized and remote-site monitoring/control of your equipment and other important systems.

24 x 7 Service and support
24-hour Customer Response Center Technical Staff: to advice over the phone or to oversee and manage your Power Protection Systems for multiple sites throughout the world.

Power Cabling Solutions
Power Cables and Accessories.


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SANTEC Communications focuses on how to best utilize what you currently have and also recommends new solutions necessary to efficiently meet your goals  
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